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Fall Hiking 2020: What to Wear and What to Pack

  09/01/2020 at 15:00 pm

Fall is an incredible time of the year for hiking, especially in the local White Mountains of New Hampshire. If you want to discover the best specific hikes you could go on, check out this great guide which discusses the great foliage you can see at this time of year in the White Mountains. With cooler temperatures and a changing landscape, the fall can be the most rewarding time for a hike with some amazing views to take in.

However, to have the best experience so you can deal with the lower temperatures and changing weather, you need the right equipment. Below you’ll find out our top picks for clothing and gear you need to wear/pack for your next hike.

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Our Top Picks for Fall Hiking Gear


  1. Hiking Pants

As temperatures in the fall can fluctuate, you want a pair of pants that’s both flexible and thick enough to handle tougher temperatures and block the cold wind from getting through.

Our top pick for overall hiking pants is Kuhl’s REVOLVR™ Men's Lightweight Pant which is made with a lightweight and quick drying fabric. It provides a great range of motion which means that you can handle any terrain in it, while also staying warm and dry. It’s perfect for the White Mountains and is tried and tested by many hikers setting out from North Conway.

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  1. Outer Layer

Again, with your outer layer you want to balance breathability with keeping warm. A synthetic jacket is a great choice when hiking or trekking in the mountains. While they can be heavier than other options, a lightweight synthetic jacket allows you to stay warm and dry when temperatures drop to around 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

For good all-round synthetic jackets, Patagonia is your best bet. They specialize in breathable fabrics across all of their clothing, so you can’t go wrong.

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  1. Baselayer

When October swings around, the temperatures can drop significantly meaning you may want to wear both a top and bottom baselayer for more warmth.

Again, Patagonia is our pick here with their all-around baselayer which is moisture-wicking and also traps in heat. It makes a perfect choice for easy layering.

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  1. Beanie/Hat

Heat escapes quickly from your head so keeping you or your family's warm is key in the fall. A lightweight beanie gives you a comfortable experience and prevents sweat building up during your hike.

Arborwear’s beanies are a simple, one size option that will keep your head warm when the temperature drops. Check out our full range of Arborwear hats online.

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  1. Rain Jacket

You always need to account for rain no matter what time of year it is. Your rain jacket of choice can be your go-to for hiking, but canalso double up for everyday use. Choosing a good quality and comfortable fabric is essential in a good rain jacket, as well as the ability to actually keep the rain out.

Patagonia rain jackets are stylish enough to double as your everyday jacket as well as your hiking attire. Check out our best pick for Patagonia rain jackets:

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  1. Backpack

You’ll need a good backpack if you're going on a lengthy hike. Whether you’re camping overnight or simply out for the day, packing a bag with essentials is crucial when heading into the wilderness on foot.

Patagonia's Refugio backpacks are comfortable and provide enough storage to fit your key hiking equipment. Shop our full range of backpacks:

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Agree with our list? What are your top picks for gear when heading into the rugged outdoors or what are your favourite fall hikes in the United States?

Let us know in the comments!

By Matt Fusco