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Heated Large Massage Ball 4 inch

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Targeted deep tissue relief with the added benefits of up to 30 minutes of therapeutic heat – MojiHeat.

This isn’t your average massage ball.


The MojiHeat Large Heated Massage Ball is especially great for relieving pain in large muscles.

The MojiHeat Massage Ball uses therapeutic heat to

Ease muscle tightness and soreness
Improve mobility
Relieve pain and tension
Increase blood flow
Trigger endorphins

Best of all, this heated massage ball keeps you pain-free and feeling great!

Eases muscle tightness
Increases circulation
Improves mobility
Enhances warm up and recovery
Relieves pain
Feels great!
Great for: Pecs/Chest, Shoulders/Traps, Lats, Back, Hips/Glutes, Quads, and Hamstrings
Cushioned outside with a sturdy core for comfort and durability.
1-Year Warranty

To clean the MojiHeat Large Heated Massage Ball, simply wipe with a damp cloth.
Only use water when washing and do not submerge. Set the Massage Ball out afterward to air dry.

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